Monday, November 03, 2014

Amazon are willing to pay £5 for details of my Facebook friends

I got this email last week:

Glossing over the fact they ignore our 16+ year relationship and can only address me as " Customer".
I don't think I can recall another business being so transparent about how much access to my Facebook data is worth.

Exactly what data?
We'll, here's what they want to know:

So, that's my details, plus my friends details, their birthday's and their likes.

Wow. At the very least, Amazon think they can make more than £5 extra in profit by being able to remind me that my friend has an upcoming birthday and suggesting things I can buy for them as a gift.
Plus many more things as well no doubt.

Yes, there's a potential benefit of potentially improving relationships by helping make sure I don't forget a birthday and making it easier for me to give (send?) them an appropriate gift based on their likes.

  • Do I really need yet another service sending me emails about peoples upcoming birthdays?
  • Am I really likely to need the present suggestions for my close friends?
  • Based on Amazon's ability to mine large amounts of data, what will be the long term consequence of me giving them this Facebook access?
  • Is £5 really enough to get lots of people to sign up to this? If not, then I wonder how much would be?
  • Do people look at an offer like this and think about the data security implications? Or do they just think "free money"?



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  2. I don't think I can recall another business being so transparent about how much access to my Facebook data is worth.trap beats for sale

  3. It's all over the Internet now: our privacy is violated in every possible way. In this particular situation - well, at least they offer some compensation for this. I wonder, though, how much time it will take until all the websites can easily access and exchange our personal data without us even knowing about it, I had this research done by Top essay writer - it says that people are getting more and more concerned about their privacy area; more than that, numerous initiatives are being launched in order to monitor and limit share of users' personal details in an attempt to prevent further, more serious consequences of such a transparency... Interesting material, all in all.

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