Friday, October 17, 2014

Why I've become an AdDuplex Advocate

Starting this week, I'm now a Developer Advocate for AdDuplex.
What does this mean?
It means you may now find me talking more about AdDuplex and I am available to help if you have any questions or technical issues.

Who or what is AdDuplex?
"AdDuplex is a cross-promotion network specifically targeted at Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps and games. It empowers developers to promote apps for free by helping each other."
You simply register and add a control to your app. The control in your app shows ads for other apps and in return the other apps show ads for your app. A few paid ads are also displayed to fund the service.

Why am I doing this?
Firstly because I believe that AdDuplex is a great service and has the potential to benefit lots of developers.
Also, because AdDuplex solves two important problems.

  1. Many developers struggle with knowing where and how to promote their apps. AdDuplex provides a very simple way to help developers do this.
  2. Most advertisers can't guarantee 100% fill rate. AdDuplex can. If you've got an app that you're monetising with adverts then there will be times that your ad provider doesn't have an advertfor you to display. So what happens then? Without a fallback you'll end up with unused ad space. If you use AdDuplex as a backup (AdRotator could help here) for when your other provider doesn't have anything to show then rather than completely wasting an advertising opportunity you are using it to help promote your app.

What can I do for you?
If you aren't already registered and using AdDuplex then please get in touch (@mrlacey or via 'matt [at] catchyagency [dot] com') and I'll send you a promo code to use when you register. This will give your apps extra exposure for the next six months!

If you have already registered please get in touch and tell me about the apps you've published that include the control. I'll have promotional opportunities for you in the coming weeks and the sooner you get in touch the more promotion I'll be able to give your apps.

What about other things I do?
None of that will change or stop because of this.
I'm still doing contract development work.
I'll still be organising Windows Apps London.


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