Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Comparing 3rd party Windows Phone control sets

The Windows Phone SDK only includes a relatively small number of controls. For all but the simplest of apps you'll likely need more. In this situation you can look to build them yourself or use controls created by others. There are many available and they vary in cost, size and what they include.

Below is a comparison of the controls available in the largest and most popular sets.

These collections are:

(Click for larger version)

There are also many other smaller collections and individual controls included in the Geek Champ Component Marketplace.

Obviously the above chart will no longer be correct when the control sets are updated but I believe it to be correct at the moment. ;)

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  1. Truly developers in windows 8 mobile application development platform been benefited by most of third party tools and might be used a lot, there is no other chance to get dive into some other reliable source other than silverlight and coding4fun,Emulator and SDK's. Without such third party tools there prevails no success in windows 8 app development for any developer.


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