Monday, January 21, 2013

lorem ipsum in Windows Phone 8 calendar

Here's a screenshot of my calendar on my phone.

No, I'm not scared of you seeing my personal data as Window Phone won't even show it to me!
See (Zoomed 150%)

That's right, in the month view they just show placeholder text.
The number of entries corresponds to the number of items each day but the displayed text does not.

I assume this is just for some performance optimization (probably when animating) but it looks lazy :(


  1. It used to be full of "Hello from Seattle!" on WP7.

    So somehow it's even lazier than it was.

  2. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Best of all this only required adding a few lines of code. Plus I got to delete a load of other code custom essay service I didn't need. - Deleting code is always good. :)


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