Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#wp7dev NoDo Tools won't deploy to Pre-Mango phone after Zune upgrade to 4.8

This morning I had an issue where after updating the desktop Zune software to the new version (4.8) Visual Studio (running the NoDo development tools*) became unable to deploy or debug apps running on a phone. This was the case with a phone running a Nodo version (specifically 7.0.7392) and another phone running a pre-NoDo build.

Obviously, losing the ability to deploy to and test on an actual device was of concern. After a few worried minutes involving restarting the software (Zune & Visual Studio) and rebooting the phone we resolved this issue by rebooting the PC. Panic over.

Hopefully knowing that a reboot may be required may save someone else a bit of time.

* I have a separate machine running the Mango SDK RC which wasn't affected.

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