Thursday, July 07, 2011

Do you want a .app domain for your app?

This is cross posted on the WPUG blog.

In 2012 ICANN will make the gTLD of .app available. As you can imagine, there is likely to be a lot of interest in controlling this due to the potential demand for such domains.

The .app project is a community funded and executed project to obtain rights to the .app gTLD:
"We’re looking to gain support from the community together the funds necessary to build and operate the .app gTLD in perpetuity. Our aim is to keep the .app gTLD open and accessible such that it becomes an entity that properly support the mobile application software development community, particularly in areas of intellectual property protection."
The project is currently looking to gain support and raise the necessary funds to run the gTLD.

So why should you care?

Well, if you ever think you might want a .app domain and don't want to have to pay huge amounts for it then you may benefit from offering your support now.

What can you do?

Head on over to the website and register you interest then follow them on twitter at @dotappapp.


  1. "Well, if you ever think you might want a .app domain and don't want to have to pay huge amounts for it then you may benefit from offering your support now." I, among many people, would give you my support for this project.

  2. I think no one would want that and besides there's no .app TLD yet. Some websites offer a good range of apps but they still want .com domains.

  3. Is there any update about this project? I am pretty sure that many people want to experience the .app domain as well. I look forward to hearing some good feedback about this project.

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