Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carphone Warehouse don't understand Windows Phone 7

Today, I received an email from someone asking clarification on the features available on the Windows Phone 7 device they were thinking of purchasing. The information on the Carphone Warehouse website didn't match with what they'd be told elsewhere.
With my FUD sense tingling, lets look at the feature comparison on their website. (Screenshot of comparison below - click for full size.)

So what is wrong?
  • ALL models provide access to the Windows Phone Markeplace.
  • ALL models come with at least 8GB of memory. Even if it's not built-in, it's provided via non-removable memory card.
  • ALL models come with some apps and have the ability to install more (via the marketplace).
  • ALL models support XBox Live gaming
  • ALL models have an accelerometer.
  • ALL models have the ability to record video.
  • ALL models have integrated social networking.
  • ALL models come with Microsoft Office Mobile.
  • ALL models support Wi-Fi connectivity.

In fairness. The comparison chart was probably just compiled from a list of features specified separately for each individual phone.
In reality. This makes them look like they don't know about the products they are selling.

I hope this clarifies the situation.


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