Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Awesome apps that improve lives"

This is all I want to make: "awesome apps that improve lives"!

But what does this mean?

Let's break it down into 3 parts:
  1.    awesome
  2.    apps
  3.    that improve lives

  • Because mediocraty sucks.
  • Because just doing enough isn't enough.
  • Because expectations should be exceeded. I want to deliver more than was promised. Not be justifying why someone is getting less.
  • Being awesome is easier than you might think. Because so few people do it.
  • Hopefully being awesome will get harder.  Hopefully this will be because more people are also making awesome software.

  • Why apps? (By which I mean software.)
  • Because that's what I know and have made, studied and continued to learn about for the last 15+ years.
  • A few years ago I did some consultancy for a couple of mobile device manufacturers based on some prior work I had done on evaluating handheld computing devices.  Apart from that I've always focused far more on the 'soft' side of things.

"that improve lives"

What does it mean to "improve lives"?
  • To make things easier.
  • To make things faster.
  • To make things cheaper.
  • To make things a pleasure, not a chore.
  • To allow people to focus on the important rather than the trivial or mundane.



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