Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Videos & Podcasts

There is currently lots of confusion and uncertaintyaround Windows Phone 7 but there is also a lot of information on the web. In an attempt to try and help make some of it more discoverable, here's a collection of podcasts and videos.

.NET Rocks
Charlie Kindel on Windows Phone 7
Daniel Egan talks Windows Phone 7 Live at Launch
Brandon Watson Live in Atlanta

Hansel minutes
Windows Phone 7 Series - The Developer Experience with Charlie Kindel
Charles Petzold on Windows Phone 7 Series

Zune Insider
Windows Phone 7 Deep-Dive

MIX '10

Channel 9 (lots!)

Creating and using the Application Bar w/ Windows Phone 7
Understanding Navigation on Windows Phone 7

YouTube (official channel)

IndyTechFest - Windows Phone 7 XNA 05/22/10

Windows Phone 7 in 7!

MSDN Bytes
Charlie Kindel interview

UK TechDays
here (via Mike Taulty) & here (select Developer days > Friday)

Windows Phone 7 Backstage
Past (recorded) events

Charlie Kindel interview - part 1 & part 2

If you know of any others please link them up in the comments.


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