Monday, February 16, 2009

Windows @ MWC

These are my notes from watching the Microsoft keynote at MWC.
  • Global Smartphone penetration in developing world to increase to 50%
  • People want a single phone, not one for work & one for personal
  • Windows Mobile needs to move to another level - MS want to put the full Windows experience on a phone.
  • Make phone unique to the individual
  • A Windows phone which meets everyones needs.
  • End to end connectivity experience
  • What are now being called Windows Phones.
  • 1st announcement: Windows Phones will run the Windwos Mobile 6.5 Operating System
  • It's not how the phone works by itself but how it combines with PC and Internet
  • 2nd announcement : MyPhone - web backup of device settings & storage
  • 3rd Announcement : Windows Marketplace - freedom & convenience to allow developers to distribute apps

  • "Windows Phone" is a "Strategy"
  • "Your life in your pocket"
  • Improved Finger navigation
  • Latest IE Browser? - but what is it really? Pocket IE 6? More than what's on 6.1.4 (gestures)
  • WM6.5 = 1st generation Windows Phone
  • Time, appointments & notifications on the lock screen
  • Same experience as on Windows PC???
  • Gestures in IE
  • Trying to create exact same browser experience on Phone & PC

New HTC devices: Touch Diamond 2 & Touch Pro 2 - free upgrade to WM6.5 when available. (Subject to operator support no doubt!)

LG & MSFT R&D partnership

MSFT - very committed to mobile computing.

All devices - at least 3 buttons: windows button, call & hangup

Professional, Standard, Classic names to go.!?

WM7 not on the same time frame as Window7


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