Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The duality of programming languages that are easy to learn

Or. The duality of easy adoption.

I'm calling out programming languages here but it applies to other things also.

If a programming language is easy to learn, lots of people will use it.
Lots of people, with no formal training or idea about best practices or the consequences of the coding decisions they make (because they don't need it - as the language is easy to use) leads to lots of bad code.
However, if code wasn't easy to write, fewer programmes would be written and we wouldn't experience the benefits of those programs.
If code was harder to write, it would (arguably) be better code (due to the need to understand what you  are doing and why) but there would be less of it.

The challenge:
1. Make sure that you know best practices and the consequences of using one technique over another.
2. Pass on that knowledge to others.


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