Tuesday, August 28, 2007

sing a song

If you was hit by a truck

and you were lying out
in that gutter dying...

and you had time to sing
one song, huh, one song...

people would remember
before you're dirt...

one song that would let

God know what you felt about
your time here on earth...

one song that would sum you up...
you telling me that's the song you'd sing?

That same Jimmie Davis tune
we hear on the radio all day?

About your peace within
and how it's real

and how you're
gonna shout it?

Or would you sing
something different?

Something real,
something you felt?

Because I'm telling you
right now...

that's the kind of song
people want to hear.

That's the kind of song
that truly saves people.

from Walk the Line


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