Thursday, January 18, 2007

ego boost

Hi again Matt,

Right, I've been through all the CVs I've had for this one, I now have a
shortlist of ten CVs and you're still top of the list! Therefore, I'd
like to speak with you first! Please give me a call on XXXXX XXXXXX.
This evening would be great, if not then tomorrow.

Best Regards,

>-----Original Message-----
>Sent: 02 January 2007 14:47
>To: 'Matt Lacey'
>Dear Matt,
>Perfect. Seems almost too good to be true - you're the very epitome of
>the classic profile of the perfect candidate for this company (right
>down to the football! They have a company football night once a week!)
>and the kind of company you are seeking is an exact match to this one.
>We'll be in touch to progress this.


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