Monday, April 15, 2024

MAUI App Accelerator - milestone of note

MAUI App Accelerator - 10,000 installs

In the last few days MAUI App Accelerator passed ten thousand "official" unique installs.

This doesn't include the almost eight thousand installs included via the MAUI Essentials extension pack. (Installs via an extension pack are installed in a different way, which means they aren't included in the individual extension install count.)

While big numbers are nice (and apparently worth celebrating) I'm more interested in how it's used.
The numbers for that are lower, but still noteworthy. 

It's currently used to create about 25 new apps each day. Which is nice.
I'm also trying to improve my ability to use App Insights so I can get other and better statistics too.

More updates are coming. Including the most potentially useful one...


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