Saturday, March 23, 2024

Prompt engineering and search terms?

The prompts given to LLMs are compared to the text we can enter when searching the web.

Over time, people have learned to write search queries that will help them get better answers.

There's an argument that, over time, people will learn to write better prompts when interacting with LLMs.

However, over time, the way websites expose, format, and provide data that's fed into the search engine so that it will be more likely to be what is shown in the results for specific searches. (A crude description of SEO, I admit.)

What's the equivalent of providing data that will be used to train an LLM?

How do (or will) people make or format data to get the outcomes they want when it becomes part of the training data for the LLM?

Yes, this is like SEO for LLMs. 

LLM-Optimization? LLMO?



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