Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Reviewing documentation is like reviewing code

 Two quick, but key points.

1. What is it meant to do? And, where/what/who is it for?

You can't review code fully unless you know what it's meant to do. You might be able to point out if something doesn't compile or account for an edge case that hasn't been covered, but if you can't say if the code does what it was meant to do, you can't provide a useful review.

It's the same with documentation. If you don't know what the document was intended to achieve, communicate, or teach, how do you know it is correct, appropriate, or does what it's meant to?

2. Take advantage of tools before you involve people.

Use spelling and grammar checkers before asking someone to review it.

It's like asking for a code review on code that doesn't compile or meet coding standards.


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