Tuesday, February 27, 2024

"LGTM" isn't automatically a bad code review comment

What's the reason for doing a code review?

It's to check that the code does what it is supposed to and that the reviewer is happy to have it as part of the code base.

If the code changes look fine and the reviewer is happy, they shouldn't be expected or obliged to give (write) more feedback than is necessary.

What's not good is pointless comments or references to things that weren't changed as part of what is being reviewed.

A reviewer should not try to prove they've looked at the code by providing unnecessary or unnecessarily detailed feedback.

It's not a good use of time for the person doing the review.

Dealing with (responding to) those unnecessary comments is also not a good use of the time for the person who requested the review.

Writing something, even if it's a few characters (or an emoji) that indicates that the approval wasn't fully automated or done by accident is fine by me.

Of course, if all someone ever did was comment on code they're reviewing this way then that should raise different concerns.

Don't write more than you need to or for the sake of it.

Don't comment just to show you've looked at something.


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