Monday, January 30, 2023

Did you know that GitHub sponsors can be Private?

When you sponsor someone via GitHub Sponsors, there's an option to make your sponsorship public (so everyone can see it) or private (so only you and the sponsor know about it.)

Partial screenshot of the sponsorship form. Title: Who can see your sponsorhsip? Option 1: Everyone - Others can see that you sponsor mrlacey. Option 2: Private - only mrlacey will be able to see that you are a sponsor

Why might you want to keep your sponsorship private?

Well, you may have many reasons. 

If I had to speculate, one reason I've assumed is that you don't want other people asking you to sponsor them too, or questioning why you are sponsoring a person.

I've had a few well-known people (in the Microsoft/.NET world) sponsor me. This was very surprising and flattering, but I can easily see other people online reacting to this knowledge negatively or demanding that they sponsor them too.

All I can do is thank these secret benefactors.

Whatever your reason, I (or anyone else you chose to sponsor) will always be grateful for your sponsorship.

If you do sponsor me, you will get:

  • My gratitude.
  • The knowledge that you're helping me create tools to help more developers do more. (like this.)
  • Details of how to remove the prompt to become a sponsor that's shown by some of my extensions.
  • Early access to my writings and some tools via a private GitHub repo. (recurring sponsors only--for now, based on how the GitHub sponsors infrastructure makes this possible.)
  • If not a "private" sponsorship, I display your avatar in some of my tools. As below. (Position and duration of inclusion depend upon sponsorship amount and if one-off or recurring.)

partial screenshot of the MAUI App Accelerator windows showing images of all public sponsor avatars

Any amount, one-off or recurring, for as long as you wish. Your sponsorship will be appreciated. :)

And a big thank you once again to all who have, are, or will sponsor my activities.


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