Friday, August 20, 2010

How all EULAs should be written!

I haven't even finished installing Geosense for Windows but I love it already. Why? Because of their "lengthy license agreement".
I've copied it below:

Geosense for Windows
(license agreement, last updated February 26, 2010)

You cannot:
  • redistribute or transmit the software for profit purposes without permission. (We're nice people, so just ask.)

You can:
  • use the software for personal and commercial purposes.
  • make copies of software for backup or archival purposes. (We won't lose our copies, so don't worry too much.)
  • redistribute or otherwise transmit the software for non-profit purposes.

(Sinofsky was here.)

The "I agree" checkbox is even labelled nicely: "I authorize you to slap me if I violate the terms above"

It's so nice to be treated like a real person and be given something I can understand without needing an army of lawyers and a complete lack of a sense of humour.


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