Monday, April 01, 2024

The Visual Studio UI Refresh has made me more productive

Visual Studio is having a UI refresh. In part, this is to make it more accessible.

I think this is a very good thing. 

If you want to give feedback on another possible accessibility improvement, add your support, comments, and thoughts here.

Anyway, back to the current changes.

They include increasing the spacing between items in the menu.

Two images of the main toolbar in Visual Studio in the dark theme. The top image shows a snapshot of Visual Studio today where the bottom image is a mockup of the toolbar which has more spacing and is a bit wider with less crowding.

There are some objections to this as it means that fewer items can be displayed at once.

Instead of complaining, I took this as an opportunity to revisit what I have displayed in the toolbar in my VS instances.

I used to have a lot there. 

I knew that some of those things I didn't need and, in some cases, had never used. I just didn't want to go the the trouble of customising them. 

"If they're there by default, it must be for a reason, right?" Or so I thought.

A better question is "Are they there for reasons I have?" In many cases, they weren't.

So I went through and spent (what turned out only to be) a few minutes customising the toolbars so they only contained (showed) the items I wanted, needed and used.

That was several weeks ago, and it has been a massive improvement.

  • I feel I'm working a bit faster.
  • I'm not spending time looking for the things I need.
  • I'm not distracted by things I don't need or don't recognise.
  • I feel encouraged and empowered as I've made my work environment more productive.

A system change to improve things for others encouraged me to improve things for myself. I see that as a win-win.


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