Sunday, December 10, 2023

MAUI App Accelerator v1.4

Consider this a low-key announcement that version 1.4 of MAUI App Accelerator is now available in the Visual Studio marketplace.

This version adds support for building apps with .NET 8.0. 

Replacing occurrences of "net6.0" with "net8.0" might seem very simple, and probably is, but there was a lot more involved in the changes for this new version. 55 commits were made over 286 files.

There's also been significant testing involved. Combinations of all available options and just a single page produce 570 combinations in a generated app. And I also have tests for combinations of pages too!

A massive thank you to everyone who supports me via GitHub Sponsors. As a one-off or on a recurring basis (for any length of time), all sponsors make a massive difference and are a great encouragement. It's a pleasure to add each [non-private] sponsor to the list whose avatars are included at the bottom of the wizard.

When some people are so critical and demanding of open-source projects and developers (more on this soon), it's great to know that there are people who are supportive and encouraging of what I do.


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