Monday, November 21, 2022

Give a great first technical talk - Table of Contents

Want to know more about the book I'm writing about helping people give their first technical talk at a user group or meetup?

Here's the Table of Contents.

Hopefully, it gives you a good idea of what to expect 

  • Why give a technical talk?
  • You are not going to give a talk like you’ve seen many times before
  • You only need to answer 3 simple questions
  • Question 1. What did you make (or do)?
  • Question 2. Why did you do (or make) it?
  • Question 3. What did you learn from the experience?
  • Shorter talks are better
  • Anyone can give a talk
  • Your experiences (whatever they are) qualify you to speak
  • You speak for the audience’s benefit
  • You’ll get a lot out of speaking too
  • You already know everything you need to do this
  • You are telling a story
  • You are not the hero of this story
  • You don’t need to say everything
  • You want questions and discussion--and there will be some
  • You are not there to sell anything
  • You have nothing to fear. You are among friends
  • Your nerves are a good thing
  • You only need to do very minimal preparation
  • Do not start with PowerPoint (or Keynote)
  • Your first technical talk is just the start
  • Show and tell me how you get on
  • Help others give great technical talks too
  • Appendix 1. – Examples of talks given
  • Appendix 2. – Advice for meetup organizers
  • Appendix 3. – Advice for developer evangelists and marketers

Yes, there are a lot of chapters, but they're all very short.

More details to follow.....


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