Sunday, May 16, 2021

Rapid XAML Toolkit v0.12 - Now with extra Xamarin.Forms related goodness

After a longer than desired period of time, version 0.12 of the Rapid XAML Toolkit is now available.

If you're not familiar, the Rapid XAML Toolkit is my side-project that's grown out of control. It provides a number of tools to help developers working with XAML files inside Visual Studio.

In addition to a load of bug fixes, this version adds more functionality for working with the XAML files of a Xamarin.Forms project.

The image below shows examples of some of the things that it can now identify inside the editor.

Screenshot showing issues highlighted in the editor

In the screenshot above you'll see that it highlights a number of different issues as either suggestions, warnings, or errors. Wherever possible it includes automatic fixes or will point you to more information about why the issue has been highlighted. Like Roslyn Analyzers in C#, you can also selectively disable or change the error levels of each issue too.

Join the more than 1500 people who use it every day - INSTALL it now!

Why v0.12? Why not v1.0 yet?

I'm trying to balance functionality and expectation.

It's not a preview but it doesn't yet have everything that I want it to. Once it includes examples of all the areas that will show its full potential, I'll upgrade it to version 1.0.


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