Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More on apps with custom Uri Schemes

Following yesterday's post about apps that support custom schemes, much has been made on Twitter.

One of the key issues was the lack of documentation from the apps that have a custom scheme. In many instances this stops developers from being able to fully integrate their apps.

To help combat this issue, a ticket has been raised on UserVoice to add the ability to track custom scheme documentation within the DevCenter.

If you're a developer or would like to see people building apps that work together better I encourage you to vote.

At the moment the only real central place for this documentation is on the Nokia Developer Wiki.
There was also an attempt to build a list at GeekChamp but this appears to never have really taken off.
Neither of which is as good a solution as is now proposed.

p.s. And as a follow up to yesterday's list I'm now intending to try and create a more complete one based on the entire store catalogue. Hopefully this will be available in a few days.


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