Tuesday, December 04, 2012

My #AlphaLabsCC developer diary

I was recently involved in a project for Alphalabs.

If you don't know, Alphalabs is a project sponsored by Nokia with the aim to inspire app developers to be more creative.

As part of my work I was asked to keep a diary of thoughts, notes, ideas, problems, etc. while the development was being done. The original plan was that this would be released bit by bit as part of regular (daily?) emails to those who were initially invited to take part in this years project "the always on telephone club".

Plans have changed and my entries have now all been posted at http://alphalabs.cc/matt-laceys-developer-diary/

If you want an idea of what I was thinking during the development or when I got weird errors or my Azure account was suspended when we load tested the app then take a look.

You may also notice that the "diary" entries all have titles, rather than dates (and times). This was just me trying to hide the inconsistent nature of the work and the fact most of it was done in the middle of the night. ;)


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