Wednesday, June 01, 2011

TombstoneHelper V2.0 released #wp7dev

Great news - Version 2.0 of TombstoneHelper is now available from

Actually it's been there for a fortnight, I've just been very slow to finish this post.

According to the change history it includes the following:
  • A bunch of fixes
  • Added the ability to limit the number of objects that should be saved. (This helps aid performance by not searching for other controls once it's found the ones you want to save.)
  • Added support for ToggleSwitch
  • Added horizontal scrollviewer offset support
  • Added the ability to remember text entered in TextBoxes & Password boxes
  • Added the ability to remember the control with focus
  • Added the ability to remember the text selected within a TextBox (if appropriate)
  • Added support for the Pivot control. (Be sure to name it!)
  • Added the ability to specify the Types to tombstone through a generic interface. (Only up to 3 tyeps currently.)
  • Added some basic extensibility support.
  • Added support for the Panorama control via extensibility. (This was to demonstrate an extensibility implementation and to not add Panorama support by default as use of this isn't always desirable.)
If you look at the source for the demo app you'll see examples of everything being used. When I get the time I'll update the documentation and maybe blog about it some more.

If you have any questions or comments please add them in the comments here or in the discussions tab on codeplex.

For reference, the need to support Tombstoning doesn't go away with Mango but becomes less likely to be needed. One of the knock on effects is that it becomes harder to test tombstoning support in mango. I'm talking to the WP7 team about this and will duly report back.

I plan to continue to update and extend this library to make tombstoning easier through Mango. And beyond...

If you use and like it, please rate it on the NuGet site:


  1. Nice work Mr. Lacey!

    Looking at your implementation, looks like you could have one with using Linq-to-VisualTree!

    Would you consider merging this project into Windows Phone 7 Contrib on codeplex? wp7contrib. It is a collection of smallish helpers and utilities, so your code would be a good fit.

    Colin E.

  2. Thanks Colin.
    I've talked with Rich G about adding it to WP7Contrib. Just need to find the time to sort it out.


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