Monday, April 25, 2011

#WP7Dev app feedback #7

This is part of my series of app reviews.

After a long break I finally got round to providing some more reviews. In the hope that these points (from multiple reviews) will help you think about your apps, here are some of the (anonymized) feedback points:

  • There’s no way (currently) to get back to the settings after first launch. (As you’ve requested location permission this should be a cause to fail marketplace submission)
  • On the first panorama item, I would expect to be able to tap the map image to be able to do something.
  • It might be good to have a quick way to [do something] in either direction. Without having to create 2 [items].
  • The panorama background image doesn't appear to relate to the functionality and content of the app.
  • There doesn’t appear to be a way to un-favourite a[n item].
  • Rather than “Tap to add X” you could just use “add X” as the tapping is implied. Similar also in other places.
  • On the X screen:
    • It strikes me that the available space could be used much better used.
    • Do you need the title? I don’t think so.
    • The transition between “X” and “Y” isn’t obvious. I wondered for a bit what these terms meant. Could you make this clearer for the user? On the first few uses of the app at least?
    • Showing the time that the last location information was received might be a useful addition.
    • When status is “Z” it would be good to also indicate that the app will try and get a location again soon. I did wonder when I first saw this.
  • The help screen seems completely superfluous and this information could be added elsewhere.
  • It would be good if the "contact support" option indicated it was going to try and send an email.
  • I'm not sure that putting the views in a pivot is the best option. I keep accidentally navigating between pivot items when trying to [manipulate the content on screen].
  • The speed of rotation of the 3D model can be quite fast which can make it hard to get the exact position desired. I noticed this when trying to get back to the original view.
  • Could you add a double tap option which would automatically revert the image to the default view?
  • Add support for tombstoning
    • remember the selected pivot item
    • if the [content has been manipulated] then remember this also
  • While it's not possible to use the checkboxes to select more than 6 objects, if you have 6 selected and then add another this is automatically selected and you end up with 7 selected and it doesn't complain.
  • Why can't I edit an item? - even if only the ones I create.
  • your terminology alternates between "item" and "object" within the app.

Here's what one of the creators of the apps thought of my feedback:
"thanks a lot, this is extremely helpful! Running the app I agree with every single point you make (and can't understand how I did not notice these issues before...)"


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