Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Windows Phone User Group

I've started to see if there is any interest in starting a Windows Phone focused User Group in London.

As a long time Windows Mobile developer, I have often lamented the lack of a user group focuse in this area.

With the excitement and opportunities which Windows Phone 7 is bringing, now seems like a good time to do something about it. If no-one else is going to do anything, I will.

For a long time, I've found user groups an excellent way to learn about new technologies.  They offer an opportunity to learn from and with other interested people whihc is unique.
While many user groups have previously had the occasional session/presentation/demo on Windows Mobile, I feel there is something extra which can be gained from the depth which can be explored and discussed when focusing in a specific area.

(You may have guessed I like user groups as I run DevEvening.)

First things, first, I'm trying to find out if others also share an interest in this area and would be interested in attending such a user group.
If this is something which might be of interest to you, please show your interest by following @wpug on twitter.
If there is sufficient interest (which it's starting to look like there might be) I'll no doubt be looking for a venue and speakers.  If you can help with either of these, please get in touch.

Please also spread the news to anyone you think may be interested.

Thank you please.


  1. I'm definitely interested, however I'm several hundred miles away from London which would make things a little tricky to just pop over.
    Although the Capital will always have the benefit of the larger and better UG meets, I wonder if there's the possibility of running something here that's partnered with you guys so we don't miss out in the North!

  2. As you suspected, the focus on London as a location is partially based on the number of potential attendees.
    Once we get something started I'll be very keen to explore the possibility of having events around the country.


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