Saturday, November 15, 2008

Indicators that a company will provide poor customer service

Found this list, I made earlier in the year, prompted by spending a day talking to companies at exhibition stands at a conference.

No collateral
If they haven't got anything you can take away to remind you about a product, it shows that you aren't doing everything you can to make it easy for me, a potential customer. Why should I think that you treat actual customers any better?

No info on website homepage
So I haven't got anything tangible to remind me of, or provide details about, you or your product.  If that information isn't on your website how am I supposed to learn anything about the product, in my own time, and at my own pace.  Again, you're not making it easy for me.

Poor/no documentation/user guides/ etc.

If you haven't got anything to help users help themselves, why should I think you've got any resources that you can use to help? And if you have, why keep them to yourself?

You have to give them your information to get anything out of them (info/samples/docs/tools)
If you're more interested in getting my contact details than telling me about your product, why would I think that you're interested in anything other than I money, such as providing support if I became a customer?

No published prices
Why are you not publishing your prices? Unless it's because you desperately want my contact details rather than let me determine if your product/service/etc. is in my price range?  Or am I going to see the price and not think it's appropriate unless one of your sales people explains to me why it's not overpriced.  So, why aren't you spending your time making a great product that I can use, understand and see the benefits of?

No support SLA or escalation detailsYou haven't thought how you're going to be able to deal with the issues or questions I may have? and ensure that I get appropriate resolutions in a timely manner?


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