Friday, May 16, 2008

Pre-testing checklist

Testing steps to perform before passing code to 'official' testing.
The intention is to prevent avoidable testing failures. It's frustrating when code fails testing and just makes more work for myself in the long run.

  • Does it do what it's supposed to - basic functionality check against spec.
  • Check code against standards.
  • Check missing, min and max length values.
  • Check for memory and resource leaks.
  • Create unit/automated test cases for all scenarios
  • Check execution against large and small data volumes
  • Check repeated execution in quick succession
  • Check for multi instance issues
  • Check in multiple target environments (DB, OS, etc.)
  • Write test plan

Obviously, some of the above can be performed by tools.

My own personal check-list. subject to change and recorded for reference. Feel free to make additional suggestions.


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