Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to make Windows better

If another program/window couldn't take focus from the one you are working in, while you are typing.

At some (highly superficial) level, I guess all that it would take would be some kind of time out from when you last presses a key. Say a second or so. This way you wouldn't have focus stolen part way through typing a sentence, or as more often happens with me, a password.

Ironically, it happened to me twice during that last sentence.

At the moment it seems like Windows (just happened again) has no respect for what I'm doing.

(Happened again) Maybe it's me, and I try and do to many things at once. Like start lots of apps and begin using the one that loads first. This kind of thing would sure help me though.

Maybe I just need a faster computer, which can load apps quicker.


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