Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Mobile UI Tips

--Size, orientation, resolution, layout
--SIP, keyboard, dedicated buttons, stylus
-User Interaction
--Standing up on a moving bus
-Understand System.Windows.Forms
--Form and Control classes

Do not try to create non-full screen forms

On the screen:
-Top strip
--Don’t hide the title bar
--Use the same title in owned forms
-Bottom strip
--Don’t use a toolbar control
--Don’t use more than two menus
--Don’t hide the bottom strip
-Main Area
--Place tappable controls near the bottom
--TextBoxes or anything requiring the SIP, near the top

Screen aware:

  • Size
  • Orientation
  • Resolution
  • Touch enabled?

-Dedicated Buttons
-Stylus or Finger
--Tap and Hold (Avoid)

Aim for single handed operation (ideally stylus free: Designing Pocket PC Application for Stylus-Free Usage (one-handed))


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