Monday, November 07, 2011

Recorded live at Nokia World 2011

On the 2nd day of Nokia World I was invited to be part of the audience at the recording of the 361 Degrees podcast.

Allegedly, the audience was made up of "bloggers and mobile gurus". As I'm not much of a blogger that must, finally, make me a "mobile guru"! ;) (maybe it was all the other mobile guru's I was in the presence of that made me sound so nervous.)

Listen at

Nando's in London app

In, or visiting, London and want some PERi-PERi chicken but don't know where the nearest Nando's is? Never fear, this app will help you find your nearest Nando's restaurant. See it on a map, get directions, check facilities or just call for take away. If you're a spicy chicken lover this is the app for you.

Ok, this was a somewhat tounge in cheek creation but it still has potential value, hopefully, to lots of people. As ever, comments, feedback, etc. appreciated ;)