Wednesday, December 03, 2014

100 developer events that wouldn't have been the same without me!

Tomorrow I'll be speaking about Mobile app security at NDC London. Not only will this be the biggest developer event I've been involved with it'll also be the 100th.

Yes, I've spoken at or organised 100 developer events.

There are also many dozens that I've been to as an attendee, I just haven't kept track of all of them.

Here's how it breaks down:

  • Organised and hosted DevEvening 27 times
  • Organised and hosted WPUG/WinAppsLDN 48 times 
  • Spoke at or hosted events organised by other people 25 times, in: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bradford, Bristol (twice), Dundee (Twice), Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gloucester, London (five times), Newcastle, Norwich, Reading (twice), Southampton, Taunton, Telford and Woking (twice).

With an approximate average audience of 50 people that's an awful lot of developers I've helped to build better software. Most of which has been related to creating apps for Windows and Windows Phone.
I want to build great apps and that's made possible by learning from and with others who are also building apps. That the only way opportunities for developers to meet and learn from each other is if I put the events on is by-the-by. It's not just all about me though. I know the ecosystem benefits when more people build better apps and that's what we all want--as it benefits everyone, not just me.

I'm not very good at self-promotion. That's partly the reason for this post. It was more that I just wanted to mark this milestone .
I'm quite happy not shouting about all I do. I put the time, effort and energy into promoting the events to people who may be interested in coming. If you ever find me talking more about how great I am for putting on events (or running a user group) rather than taking the time to actually put on events, please call me on it.

At a time when it seems community events stopping and organisers stepping down is becoming a regular occurrence I can only say that I haven't got any plans of stopping soon. Getting to 200 events is more than I'm thinking about at the moment. For now I'm just focusing on all the exciting things planned and being planned for 2015.



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